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Chang Hae Young

Date Of Birth: April 26 1981
Height/Weight: 175/64
Religion: None
Family: Parents and younger siblings
Hobby: Motion, Piano, Music Appreciation,& Motion Picture
Charishes: Midi instrument & CD
Fav. Singers: RL & Babyface
Fav. Food: Korean Food
Fav. Season: Winter
Place Wish To Go: Spain and Rome
Style: Neat and tidy

Lee Hyun Su

Date Of Birth: June 24 1981
Height/Weight: 170/55
Religion: None
Family: grandfather, grandmother, parents, younger siblings
Specialty: Swimming & Golf
Charishes: His musics & musical instrument
Fav. Singers: F-IV & Michael Jackson
Fav. Food: All kind
Fav. Season: Summer

Seo Ji Won

Date of Birth: Feb. 23 1980
Height/Weight: 176/60
Fav. Genre: R&B & Hiphop
Fav. Singers: Michael jackson & Usher
Hobby: Game
Religion: none
Family: older brother and parents

Woo Jung Tae

Date of birth: Feb. 25 1981
Height/weight: 175/ 60
Religion: Catholic
Family: Parents and older sister
Hobby: Collects CD, likes motion(?), walk, drive
Specialty: Chinese and motion
Charishes: His car
Fav. Genre: R & B and Soul
Fav. Singers: Boyz 2 Man and Usher
Fav. Food: Korean food.
Fav. Seasons:Autumn and winter
Style: blue jeans
Place which wants to go: Uninhabited island

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